Integrated Annual Report 2014

Business strategy and model

In this Chapter:
  • Business model

    Our operations consist in crude oil production and processing, as well as wholesale and retail sale of petroleum products, among which are: fuels (unleaded gasoline, diesel oil and light fuel oil), heavy fuel oil, bitumens, aviation fuel, naphtha, propane-butane LPG and base oils.

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  • Strategic objectives

    The LOTOS Group’s Strategy is designed to strengthen our position as a strong, innovative and efficient business which plays a major role in ensuring national energy security.

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  • Key objectives

    We achieve our business objectives with due regard to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development by the best possible use of the organization’s resources and capabilities to generate economic and social value for the benefit of the Company and its environment.

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  • Employees

    Our objective is to ensure the availability of highly qualified staff required for successful implementation of the LOTOS Group’s business strategy and enhancement of the corporate culture based on adopted values. It is our priority to raise awareness and commitment among our employees and contractors to improving their work safety.

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  • Environment

    We seek to reduce the environmental risk of our operations and continually minimise our environmental impact. We support initiatives designed to enhance energy sector security in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

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  • Brand

    Our strategic goal is to build lasting customer relationships by focusing on understanding customers’ needs and ensuring expected product quality and safety. Our ambition is to create a brand that is dynamic and competent, friendly and trustworthy for our customers.

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