Integrated Annual Report 2014

Sustainable development

  • Responsible employer

    Our training policy is based around long-term, consistently implemented development plans. In 2014, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the LOTOS Academy, our comprehensive employee training and development project, which is highly valued in the world of science and business.

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  • Safe workplace

    In accordance with our strategy, safety at work and health protection, with respect to both our own employees and the employees of our cooperating partners, are priorities for the LOTOS Group. In 2014, we achieved a 46% decrease in the accident rate compared to 2013.

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  • Environmental impact

    Our carbon emissions were reduced to levels seen only at the best European refineries. Grupa LOTOS refinery’s advanced environmental solutions have curbed our environmental impacts while delivering notable financial benefits, in the form of lower fees for the use of the environment, resulting from our commitment to reducing the amount of emitted pollutants.

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  • Social impact

    2014 was outstanding in terms of the number of CSR programmes and campaigns as well as activities undertaken by the LOTOS Group under the cross-sectoral cooperation model. It was also a period of initiatives aimed to establish a responsible supply chain.

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  • Energy security

    An example of best practice which combines building our international relations with supporting initiatives aimed to improve the energy security in Europe was the publication of the ‘Completing Europe - From the North-South Corridor to Energy, Transportation and Telecommunications Union’ report in 2014.

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