Integrated Annual Report 2014

The Organization and its Report

In this Chapter:
  • Key data 2014

    With revenue of ca. PLN 28.5bn in 2014, we rank fourth in the group of 500 largest businesses in Poland.

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  • Letter from the Chairman of the Supervisory Board

    In 2014, the most important project of key significance to the Company’s further development was its Secondary Public Offering (SPO), which turned out to be a spectacular success. The State Treasury, Grupa LOTOS’ majority shareholder, subscribed for all new shares it was entitled to, as did other shareholders.

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  • Letter from the President of the Board

    The success of the Grupa LOTOS' SPO was a measure of trust of our shareholders and potential investors in our capacity to effectively operate amid economic and political turmoil. It was a resounding vote of trust of our shareholders and investors in the development strategy of Grupa LOTOS.

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  • The Organization

    Apart from Grupa LOTOS (the parent and operator of the Gdańsk-based refinery), the LOTOS Group comprises 14 other companies operating under the LOTOS name. Two of them are based outside Poland, in Lithuania and Norway.

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  • Integrated reporting

    Our reporting model follows the guidelines included in Directive 2014/95/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 22nd 2014 as regards disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups.

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  • Awards and distinctions

    According to the Chapter of the ninth edition of 'The Best Annual Report' contest, the 2013 Integrated Annual Report of Grupa LOTOS exemplifies a publication based on which investment decisions can be made at a relatively minimal risk.

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  • Membership in organizations

    Representatives of Grupa LOTOS take part in the work of different organizations and we treat our membership in them as strategically important. The goals of these organizations are e.g. to develop new legislative solutions for the energy sector and to actively participate in public consultation of draft acts regulating the sector.

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