Integrated Annual Report 2014

About us

This 2014 Integrated Annual Report provides an overview of the activities of the LOTOS Group (the “LOTOS Group”), with a particular focus on the LOTOS Group’s parent – Grupa LOTOS S.A. (“Grupa LOTOS”, the “Company” or “we”). 
We are one of Europe’s major and most efficient oil companies and the second largest producer of fuels in Poland. We are the sole company producing hydrocarbons in the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone of the Baltic Sea, and have almost exclusive rights to carry out exploration and production work in the Baltic Sea. We also produce crude oil in the Norwegian Continental Shelf and have access to onshore oil deposits in Lithuania. Our refinery in Gdańsk is one of the newest and most advanced refineries in Europe in terms of applied technologies and environmental protection. 

With revenue of ca. PLN 28.5bn in 2014, we rank fourth in the group of 500 largest businesses in Poland. 1

Grupa LOTOS shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since June 2005. Since November 2009, LOTOS shares have also been a constituent of the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s RESPECT Index of socially responsible companies. 

The LOTOS Group employs more than 5,000 people in Poland and abroad.

1 500 largest companies listed by the Rzeczpospolita daily as at May 13th 2015.

LOTOS Group workforce structure by sex as at December 31st 2014
Item Men Women Total
blue-collar jobs 2,537 168 2,705
white-collar jobs 1,409 992 2,401
Total 3,946 1,160 5,106

Apart from Grupa LOTOS (the parent and operator of the Gdańsk-based refinery with a nominal throughput capacity of 10.5m tonnes of crude oil per year), the LOTOS Group comprises 14 other companies operating under the LOTOS name. Two of them are based outside Poland, in Lithuania and Norway.

Territory of the LOTOS Group’s operations

The LOTOS Group’s Strategy is designed to strengthen our position as a strong, innovative and efficient business which plays a major role in ensuring national energy security. Our operations consist in crude oil production and processing, as well as wholesale and retail sale of petroleum products. We achieve our business objectives with due regard to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, and contribute to the development of local communities in the areas where we are present and economic growth of the entire country. In 2014, the LOTOS Group paid taxes in the total amount of PLN 11,403,606,000.

The LOTOS Group’s main market is Poland, but our foreign sales are also steadily rising. In 2014, we ranked third among Poland’s largest exporters, with exports revenue of ca. PLN 9.5bn. 2

2 500 largest companies listed by the Rzeczpospolita daily as at May 13th 2015.

We export our products to 75 countries all over the world.

Exports of LOTOS brand products

Poland’s third largest chain of service stations operates under the LOTOS brand. Through this chain, we offer products and services in the premium segment, which also comprises motorway service stations. One-third of our stations operate in the economy segment, under the LOTOS Optima brand. Expansion of the LOTOS chain and enhanced sales strengthened the LOTOS Group’s presence on the retail market, pushing its share up to 9% at the end of 2014 (vs. 8.5% in 2013).

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